Best MCAT Prep Books

7 Best MCAT Prep Books 2021

When choosing which MCAT prep books you should use to study for the MCAT you will probably first come across the hand full of large MCAT prep companies that offer … Read more

Best MCAT Biology Prep Books

Best MCAT Biology Prep Books

The new MCAT (post-2015) does not have a section dedicated to Biology anymore. Instead, all of the premed sciences are spread out into 3 sections: Biological and Biochemical Foundations of … Read more

MCAT CARS Practice

Best MCAT CARS Practice Books 2022

Practicing passage problems after passage problems is essential for the CARS section on the MCAT. The CARS section does not cover any previous knowledge from your pre-med courses and tends … Read more

practice questions

7 Best MCAT Practice Books

Before studying for the MCAT I spent a lot of time looking for books/resources that had lots of practice problems.  This was after I had already purchased the Kaplan MCAT … Read more